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Misdemeanors and Finding a Job in South Florida


Finding a job with a criminal record can be very difficult. If you have had a misdemeanor in Miami, you need to understand the difficultly of finding a job and what to do about it. If you have had a misdemeanor case you need to think about the job situation before the case is resolved. The key in any criminal case to have a hassle free job future is to be able to obtain a withhold of adjudication before the case is closed. If you have gotten a withhold, your job prospects just got brighter. A withhold in most circumstances allows you to get your record sealed or expunged. That means that with very few exceptions employers will not see your record.

Not only will potential employers not see your record, most employers will never know you have been arrested. To be in this type of a position your lawyer needs to think about the resolution of your case prior to it being closed. Once you have been adjudicated of a crime it becomes a permanent mark on your record that is very difficult to undo. If you have gotten a withhold before you apply for the job, find a Miami criminal defense attorney to get your record sealed and/or expunged. This process can take sometime so you will need to plan ahead. If your record has been sealed or expunged and it is prior to you filling out your employment application, you can state that you have never been arrested for a crime. That will insure your job prospects are not hindered by your arrest history.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who have been adjudicated, your choices are very limited. The best thing to do is have a Miami criminal defense attorney examine your case and determine whether it can be reopened to get the adjudication off of your record. That can be expensive and the likelihood of success is limited. The next best thing is to be up front with a prospective employer. Discuss it with them first so they don’t find out about it through a background check. Also, many crimes will not affect some jobs. For example, a DUI conviction will only affect jobs that involve driving, and a theft conviction may only have impact if you handle money.

If you have a criminal past, consult with a criminal defense attorney before you apply for a job. They can let you know exactly what’s on your record before you make a mistake.  Most employers don’t hire a person because of non-disclosure. So be prepared, consult an attorney, and get that job.

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