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Miami Defense Attorney Yale Galanter Believes Trayvon Martin Witness’s Testimony Is Contradictory


As the eyewitness’s testimony starts to emerge in the Trayvon Martin case, we see just how weak the prosecution case is. Witnesses gave police inconsistent versions of what occurred the night Trayvon was killed. Some witnesses have changed their stories completely. The physical evidence in the case being made public is consistent with George Zimmerman’s claim of self defense, which will govern the outcome of this case. Jurors, when faced with conflicting accounts of a historical event, will look to the physical evidence to get a clear picture of what occurred.

The intense media coverage of this case may ultimately be the downfall of the prosecution. When eyewitnesses state that they saw things on TV that may have influenced their testimony, the prosecution ends up with testimony that’s long on speculation and short on facts. This is not surprising given the clamor of the news media to get witnesses to talk before a camera. Peoples’ memories are jaded by media coverage. As time goes on those memories continue to get worse.

The physical evidence will determine whether George Zimmerman is found guilty or innocent of these crimes. As I have commented in other blogs, the prosecution will have to prove that George Zimmerman did not act in self defense. Given the wounds Zimmerman had the night of the incident, and the close contact of the gunshot to Trayvon Martin, the prosecution will have a difficult time proving this was not self defense.

Commentary by Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Yale Galanter:

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