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Pre-Trial Diversion Programs


All states attorney’s offices in Florida are required to have some type of a diversion program for first offenders. A diversion program allows you to not have to go through the rigors of defending your case and gives you a guaranteed result at the end of the program. If you are charged with a less serious offense, such as shoplifting, simple possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, etc. you may be eligible for one of these programs. They are a great alternative to having to go to court to defend your case. If you qualify for the program as a defendant, it is a great program to take advantage of.

At your arraignment the state attorney will give you a pre-trial diversion card, if you qualify for the program. While prosecutors are required to have these programs, they get to determine who qualifies and for what crime. A Miami criminal defense attorney can explain the rules, regulations, and eligibility of the programs to you. The pre-trial diversion programs are a great benefit to the State and to the defendants. The State gets to save resources and not have to waste time and money prosecuting first offenders that they believe deserve a break, and the defendants get a guaranteed outcome in a case, and don’t have to worry about what the result will be. The programs generally take 8-12 weeks to complete. Your case gets continued while you complete the program. Once the program is done, the court gets a successful completion report, then your charges get dismissed.

Miami criminal defense attorney will explain the requirements, eligibility and details of the program to you. Contact an attorney immediately after your arrest and they will see if you qualify depending on your criminal history and what you are currently charged with. The programs are a good deal to take. Once you successfully complete the program you have the certainty of knowing your case will be dismissed. After the dismissal of your case you may be eligible to have your case sealed and/or expunged. Which means it’s as if you were never arrested. Call a Miami criminal defense lawyer to get your case into a diversion program.

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