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How Do You Choose the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer for You?


I am always amazed at how people pick their lawyers. If you are arrested and formally charged with a crime you need to pick a lawyer that can accomplish the goals you have. Some people want to try to get off the charges completely while others want to make the best deal possible. That does not always mean you want the same lawyer.  Your case may be a very complex criminal matter as opposed to something more common, you may not want the same lawyer for that scenario either.

Let’s start with the basics. The first thing you need to determine is what your budget is. The hard reality is that the amount you can afford will govern the quality of lawyer you can obtain for your particular case. After you determine the budget be realistic about what you are going to get. You will not get a Rolls Royce defense on a Volkswagen budget. Next talk to friends and do your homework. If a friend recommends an attorney don’t use that as the final word. Check out the lawyer’s educational background and experience in your particular case. Don’t use a friends divorce lawyer if you are charged with drug trafficking. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be wary of a lawyer that makes promises of success at the hiring stage of your case. Experienced criminal defense attorneys know it takes time to develop a defense and to be confident in it.

After the education and experience have been determined, the most important factor about the attorney you choose is whether you can get along with the lawyer. Do you like their style? Do you believe they are right for you? An example is if you are the type of person that needs a lot of hand-holding during the course of the case, then you can’t use a lawyer that’s super busy. Remember busy usually means better and more experienced. You need to pick someone that fits well with your personality. I always tell clients what to expect in terms of communication before they hire me. I want my clients to know what to expect before they pay the money. When you are interviewing a lawyer for your criminal problem, ask the questions you want answered, even if the lawyer doesn’t initially give you the answers you seek.

Don’t rush to hire the first lawyer you find. While it is extremely important to have a criminal defense lawyer advocate for you as soon as possible, remember making the right choice is more important than making a quick choice. Also remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So do your homework, ask lots of questions, and choose someone you have confidence in. Remember if you make a mistake, you can, in most cases, change lawyers after a case starts with no adverse consequences.

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Commentary by Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Yale Galanter:

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