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2 Types of Traffic Offenses That You May Need Help With in Miami, FL


Traffic Offenses That You Should Contact A Lawyer For In Miami, FL

When it comes to traffic offenses in Miami, FL, there are usually two categories that all traffic offenses can be split into. One consists of more serious offenses, while the other category consists of smaller charges. Either way, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer in Miami if you are involved in either one. See further information here.

The two types of traffic offenses that you should contact a lawyer for include:

  • Traffic Misdemeanors

  • Traffic Felonies

Traffic Misdemeanors

When it comes to traffic misdemeanors, you can think of them as slightly less serious charges. While still a traffic offense, it is still important to get in contact with a criminal defense lawyer in Miami to help you. These types of offenses can include driving without a license, driving with a revoked or suspended license, and reckless driving. Discover facts about 2 Steps To Take To Finding The Perfect Lawyer For You In Miami, FL.

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Traffic Felonies

When it comes to traffic felonies, these are much more serious cases that can lead to years in prison as a result. The types of offenses that are involved in traffic felonies may include vehicle assault, vehicle homicide, and a hit and run.