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Galanter Law Case Featured on – U.S. Bank Bankruptcy Case


Former Villanova businessman wins another legal round against U.S. Bank

The website sees around 2 million unique visitors each month where Yale Galanter was mentioned in a story making the rounds with national media. Here is a snippet of the article and the link to the original source:

“Thousands of U.S. entrepreneurs lost their businesses to the plunging economy and nervous lenders during the madness of the financial crisis.

Former Villanova resident Maury Rosenberg was among them, but Rosenberg fought back against U.S. Bank affiliates and won court decisions in Philadelphia and Miami, where he lives in a downtown condo bought for $2.7 million in 2005.

A Miami jury found this month in a $6.1 million verdict that U.S. Bank entities acted in bad faith in 2008 when they filed for involuntary bankruptcy against Rosenberg’s Philadelphia medical imaging company.

The three-week jury trial in Miami was based on a countersuit by Rosenberg, alleging that U.S. Bank acted in bad faith when it filed the involuntary petitions.

Rosenberg’s lawyer during the jury trial, Yale Galanter, who spent his childhood in Northeast Philadelphia and graduated from Cherry Hill High School West, said the award was the largest ever in such a case.

“We tried the case and we hammered them,” said Galanter, a criminal defense lawyer whose clients have included O.J. Simpson and other celebrities.”

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