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Plea Bargains - Are They Right for You?


It depends! The criminal justice system could not work unless plea bargains took place. Most cases are plea bargained so that very limited resources have to be used for people to go to trial. Whether a plea bargain is right for you depends on your particular case. Factors to consider are: your criminal history, the evidence against you, and most importantly what you want as an outcome in your case. Because the system could not function without plea bargains, the chances for your case being plead out before a trial is great. The prosecutor will try to reach common ground with your attorney to work out an acceptable resolution to your case.

The easiest cases to plea bargain are cases where there is probation or a community service option on the table. Another important factor in deciding on a plea bargain is whether you are being offered a withhold of adjudication. A withhold means you will not have a permanent mark on your record, which could make you eligible to have your record sealed and/or expunged at the conclusion of your probation and/or community service. If you complete the terms of the plea bargain, probation or community service with a withhold, your lawyer can seal and/or expunge your record which means that your arrest and case disappear from your record. The more difficult cases to plea bargain are where the prosecutor is seeking jail time. No one voluntary wants to agree to go to jail. However, even in the case of jail time a plea bargain may help lessen the amount of time you have to serve.

In my practice it is common for clients not to be able to take a plea bargain. They need an acquittal for either professional or business reasons. Each case is different and the plea bargains vary in every case. What is certain is that if you are arrested and charged with a crime you will at some point in your case be offered a plea bargain. Whether you accept it will be based on your individual case and what your expectations are. Hire a Miami criminal defense attorney and they will be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of a plea bargain. A deal gives both sides certainty of an outcome prior to walking into court. That can be very beneficial to both sides. Trials can be very expensive and can have great risk. That is why plea bargains are so popular.

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