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Auto Burglary Lawyer in Miami, FL

Have you been charged with Auto Burglary in Miami?

Auto burglary in Miami, Florida is very common. It is not as clear-cut of a crime as many people think and with the proper representation of an auto burglary lawyer, it is possible to have the charges of auto burglary reduced or even dropped completely.

What are the penalties if an individual is found guilty of auto theft?

Miami, Florida has one of the highest rates of auto burglary all around the country. If you are charged with auto burglary and do not take the appropriate actions to defend yourself the charge could eventually result in you losing your job, effect any type of future employment that you may hope for and above all force you to face severe penalties handed down from the court of law.

In Miami, Florida auto burglary is considered to be a third degree felony offense. It is defined as entering a structure or conveyance (car or motor vehicle) with the intention of committing a crime. The most common auto theft entails breaking into a car to steal a stereo, purse, loose cash, shopping bags or a navigation system. If a person is caught stealing the rims, hubcaps, tires or anything else on the outside of the car it is not considered to be burglary. In order for an individual to be charged with auto burglary they have to break into the inside of a vehicle. An auto burglary lawyer will know all the ins and outs of an auto theft crime giving their client the best chance at receiving a reduced charge or reduced penalties.

How can an attorney help someone who has been charged with auto burglary?

If found guilty of auto theft an individual is subject to facing a penalty of up to 5 years. Although the crime of auto burglary is not as serious as most other burglary chargers state prosecutors still take the charges very seriously and will fight using all the evidence they can obtain to ensure that justice is served. Of course the severity of the crime will increase if a weapon is involved in the auto burglary or if someone is injured during the action of the crime.

If found guilty is it possible for an auto burglary lawyer to work with state prosecutors to reduce their client’s penalties?

When trying to fight auto theft charges it is essential to hire an auto burglary lawyer who has your best interest at heart. An attorney will closely examine all the evidence and facts of an auto theft crime in an attempt to reduce the charges that their client is facing. Often times in burglary cases, depending on the evidence, a quality auto burglary lawyer can reduce the charges to trespassing.

A defense attorney in Miami, Florida will take the following actions for their client

  • Investigate the case from top to bottom to gather all the necessary evidence
  • Explain to their client all the possible options they have along with all outcomes that are feasible
  • Prepare the best defense according to the facts and evidence that they were able to obtain
  • Negotiate with the state prosecutors for a lesser sentencing if their client is indeed found guilty

It is not uncommon for an auto burglary lawyer to work with state prosecutors to get their client into a Florida pre-trial diversion program that if completed would ultimately result in the dismissal of their clients auto theft case. Auto theft is not as black and white of a scenario that most people think. A lot of research and investigation needs to be done in order to determine whether or not a person actually entered a vehicle and if they had the intentions of committing a crime.

The best course of action an individual who has been charged with an auto theft crime can do to protect their rights in the Miami, Florida area is to obtain the services of an auto burglary lawyer has a vast amount of experience defending individuals in auto theft cases.

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