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Trayvon Martin – the Facts and Only the Facts – From Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Yale Galanter


While my friends in the media have attempted to get the facts out to the public in a fast and accurate way, they have really done a great disservice to true justice being had in this case. A criminal investigation takes time. Law enforcement makes every attempt to great it right. Whether Trayvon Martin’s tragic death results in charges against George Zimmerman should not be determined by public and media outcry. While people giving their opinions and being interviewed makes for great TV, it doesn’t do anything to help the truth become known.

The only real facts that are known at this time is what has been released in the police report. That report is based on the observations of the police officer at the time of the event. The police stated that George Zimmerman had blood on the back of his head and was bleeding from the nose. His clothing on his back was wet from what appeared to be grass. What needs to be determined is how did the blood get there? If those injuries were self-inflicted George Zimmerman’s account of the death of Trayvon Martin that it was self defense is in doubt. However if they were the result of a struggle George Zimmerman’s story becomes more credible.

I have seen and listened to many TV interviews about what people have perceived to have seen. An eyewitness was interviewed on a cable network the other night who stated he didn’t have a good view of the incident. The interview should have stopped at that point because everything the witness said after is just speculation. The interview continued however, with the witness now giving answer to questions that could have not been accurate.

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman deserve better. People should be judged on the facts as they can be proven, not on public sentiment or media hype. Let the police do their jobs and then judge the case on the facts.

Commentary by Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Yale Galanter

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