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Trayvon Martin Case: What Happens Next? Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Says “Bond Hearing”


I was asked that question the other night on Piers Morgan. Here’s a little more detail.

As George Zimmerman sits in jail awaiting his fate, lawyers on both sides are getting ready for the next round of legal maneuvering. Zimmerman’s lawyers wanted him to get bond. There are two reasons for this. If he is found innocent, the time he now spends in jail is punishment he doesn’t deserve. Also It is much easier for his defense team to prepare a case when they can see Mr. Zimmerman at there office.

There are a number of ways George Zimmerman can get out of jail. First is by stipulation. This is an agreement with the prosecution on a bond everyone is happy with. The bond would have monetary conditions and other restrictions like house arrest or an ankle monitor.

The second and more likely scenario is that a bond hearing takes place. In Florida for a non-bondable offense, which is the crime Zimmerman is charged with, it’s called an Arthur hearing. At that hearing the prosecution must show that proof is evident and the presumption of guilt is great. That means that if they have evidence that’s not yet been made public, it would have to be shown at that time. The Judge determines the strength of the State’s case and either sets or denies bond.

As the week progresses if the State has evidence that they are holding close to the vest, we will should it this week.

Commentary by Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Yale Galanter

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