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Statutory Rape in Florida


One of the most commonly asked questions in my practice is at what age is it illegal for my child to have sex with a partner.  In Florida the law centering on statutory rape has to do with what is the legal age of consent.  In Florida the legal age of consent is 18 years of age.  This means that people under the age of 18 do not have the ability to consent to having a sexual relationship with another.  However this rule does not apply if the two individuals committing the sexual act are of the same or similar age.

Statutory rape in Florida makes sexual activity illegal when a person is 24 years of age or older and engages in a sexual act with a person who is 16 or 17 years of age.  This means that an individual who is under age of 24 and has a sexual relationship with someone 16 or 17, it is not considered a crime.  The law in this area has changed considerably over the years.  Today in Florida for one to be charged with statutory rape which means that consent is not a permitted defense the defendant must be 24 years of age or older and the age of the victim must be 17 years or younger. While it is troubling to most parents of 16 or 17 year olds having sex with one another it is not a crime in the state of Florida as long as both parties consent.

If you or a family member is charged with statutory rape or any crime related to illegal sexual activity you must call a very experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend your rights and guide you through the very complicated maze of rape laws in the State of Florida.  The most shocking part about being charged with a statutory rape allegation is that most defendants have no clue that they have committed a crime. This is because their partner has consented and sometimes encouraged the sexual activity.  If you find yourself being investigated for having sex with an individual under the legal age, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately and obtain the best possible defense you can.

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