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Red Light Ticket Camera Violation in South Florida. Don’t Pay It. Fight It!


If you have received a red light ticket camera violation from Fort Lauderdale in the mail, do not pay it. Fight it! If you received a traffic ticket in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Hollywood, or anywhere in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach Counties we can help.

In these tough economic times, various municipalities across Florida have been installing red light cameras in Florida in order to increase revenue. The cities, of course, argue that the cameras are installed for the safety of the community. Since it’s to generate revenue, the cities are banking on most people paying the tickets, instead of fighting them. There are many reasons to fight the tickets. They include having no points on your license, not having your insurance rates go up, not paying the $158.00 fine and most importantly if you fight the ticket it will cost you less than paying it. You will not have to go to court, not have to take time off of work, and not have to deal with your insurance rising from the violation.

There have been many legal challenges to these photo enforced tickets. At present we don’t know if the Florida Supreme Court will uphold their validity or not. If you have gotten one of these tickets in the mail, you need to fight it immediately. There are many defenses available to you including, how do they prove you were driving, is it really your car, was the timing of the camera accurate, and many more legal challenges that the lawyers at my firm make on your behalf.

When you get that red light ticket from Miami in the mail and think to yourself now what? Don’t pay it. Call the Law Offices of Yale L. Galanter and we can defend your ticket at a very reasonable cost, and depending on your driving record assure you that you will have no points, no driving school and no record of this ever occurring.

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