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Miami DUI Checkpoints: What to Do if You’re Stopped?


The other night I was driving home from south beach after dinner with some friends. Just south of Bal Harbor there was a DUI checkpoint. The police were out in full-force and at least 50 strong, pulling over about 10-15 cars at a time. Miami DUI checkpoints are a common way for law enforcement to do massive random checks on the public.

What to do if you are in the group of cars that is getting pulled over?

If you have had a drink or two but nothing excessive be calm. The police will be asking you for your paperwork, driver’s license, registration, and insurance card. Get the paperwork ready as you are pulling into the lane where the checks are being completed. When you pull up and the police ask you for the paperwork, hand it over. They will do a quick check and send you on your way. Be polite and courteous, a kind attitude goes along way.

Most of the time when you are pulled over for a suspected DUI, the police must have probable cause for the stop, with a DUI checkpoint they don’t need probable cause for the initial stop. There are many rules and regulations for a valid check point to be set-up. If you do get arrested, an experienced Miami criminal defense attorney can help you determine whether the Police have complied with all of those administrative rules and regulations.

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