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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Yale Galanter Says: Traffic Violations and Tickets Are More Important Than You Think


Traffic tickets are broken into two categories.  Traffic infractions which are civil in nature and traffic criminal which are crimes and more serious.  Traffic infractions are charges that include speeding, running a red light, running a stop light, lane straddling, or not wearing a seatbelt.  Traffic crimes include reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, DUI, driving with a suspended license, etc. Whether you receive a ticket for an infraction or traffic crime you need a lawyer to represent you.

If you receive a traffic infraction and you are found guilty you could be subject to fines, points, and driving school. If you get too many tickets in a short period of time you could lose your privilege to drive in the State of Florida. A Miami criminal defense lawyer will attempt to make sure that you don’t get points so there is nothing on your traffic record.

If you are charged with a traffic crime you are not only facing fines, points and driving school you could also be facing jail or probation. It is essential to either get these charges reduced or arrange for them not to be on your permanent record. This will allow you to have lower insurance rates and not risk losing your license. There are time limits from when you receive a ticket to when you need to respond. Setting the ticket for a hearing can at the very least insure no points on your permanent driving record.   The cost of defending these tickets is relatively inexpensive. Hire a Miami criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can.

Commentary by Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Yale Galanter:

Yale Galanter, a Miami criminal defense lawyer, has over 30 years of experience providing discreet and aggressive legal counseling to both public figures and clients looking for precise and excellent legal defense. Yale Galanter is known for his personal representation and attention to your criminal matter.

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