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Holiday DUI Checkpoints


This is the time of year when the streets in Fort Lauderdale become packed, not just with cars and traffic but with DUI checkpoints as well. The locals come out in full force, the tourists are down for football games, basketball and general fun in the sun. As the parties kick off and the clubs reach capacity, law enforcement will and do make its presence known. There is increased traffic enforcement for all tickets but in particular speeding and DUI checkpoints. Police will also have road blocks set up just to catch unsuspecting offenders. If you have had too much holiday cheer, have someone else drive, don’t risk it! If you’re in a rush to get somewhere, slow down or face the consequences!

If you or a family member gets arrested for DUI, call a criminal defense attorney equipped to handle your Fort Lauderdale DUI case. They will guide you through the maze of jail, getting released, having your license taken from you and defending you in court. Most Miami DUI’s are very defensible  so even if you have had too much to drink and get caught, call a criminal defense attorney in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer will insure that your holidays aren’t remembered for you getting a DUI.

Also out in force will be police issuing more tickets than usual. Speeding is the number one priority for law enforcement this time of year because speeding leads to so many accidents and injuries. If you get a traffic ticket for anything, don’t pay it, fight it . By fighting the ticket you will avoid points on your license and you won’t have to go to driving school. Also, once you hire a lawyer to defend your ticket you will not have to appear in court. So if you are from out of town or here locally and you get a ticket call our ticket attorneys in Broward County or Miami-Dade County. Happy holidays to all ! Lets keep this time of year safe and joyful ! Be careful !

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