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No Driver’s License Points: Protect Your Driving Privilege


Pop quiz: You’ve just been pulled over by a police officer and issued a Broward or Miami Dade traffic citation. Should you go ahead and immediately pay the ticket? If you said “Yes” (like the majority of people probably will), you probably think you’re being responsible by promptly taking care of the fine and resolving the matter before late fees or additional penalties are assessed. You’re wrong—paying your traffic ticket outright is actually the worst thing you can do.

Florida, like most states around the country, has set up a point system to keep track of your driving infractions and may revoke or suspend your driver’s license when you have accumulated too many points on your license. Generally, points are only assessed for moving violations, and the amount of points assessed on your license depends on the severity of your violation. For example, running a red light carries a penalty of four points, speeding 15 miles or less over the speed limit carries a penalty of three points, and passing a stopped school bus carries a penalty of four points. The easiest way to get yourself in a situation where you’re facing a driver’s license suspension is by getting too many points on your license within a designated period of time. Paying the ticket outright is the worst thing you can do—because when you pay the ticket you are admitting that you are guilty and you will not only have to pay the highest fine but also, for moving violations, points will be assessed on your license.

Instead of paying your ticket and getting points assessed on your license, hire a Miami ticket defense attorney or Fort Lauderdale ticket defense attorney such as the ones at the South Florida law firm of Galanter Law to represent you in traffic court. Your Miami or Fort Lauderdale ticket attorney will help you avoid getting points on your license by trying to get the traffic court judge to dismiss your ticket. If the judge will not dismiss your ticket, then your attorney will try to negotiate a deal for you to pay a fine and get a withhold of adjudication, which means you will have no permanent mark on your record and no points on your driver’s license. This can all be done without you having to take time off of work and will typically cost less than the cost of paying the ticket outright. Hiring a Miami or Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney instead of paying your ticket outright is the best way to ensure that no points are put on your license.

If you have a bad driving record and have already accumulated points, contact our office because we can still help. Your record can be reviewed to ensure that the points were properly placed on your record and we can even go back and attempt to get the points removed from the record. This is a difficult process, but it can be done. When you contact an attorney, make sure you bring your driving record with you so that it can be reviewed. And remember, do not pay that ticket under any circumstances. Instead, contact an attorney to represent you and ensure your driving record stays clean.

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