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Felony Traffic Offenses: What to Do if You Are Arrested?


Felony traffic offenses are the most serious type of criminal traffic offenses. If you are charged with a felony that results from a traffic offense, it is imperative that you contact a Miami criminal defense attorney or a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney as quickly as you can. And by quickly, I mean from the accident site or on the way to jail. If you can’t contact an attorney, have a friend or loved one do it for you.

If you’ve been accused of a criminal traffic offense, you are entitled to the same constitutional protections as other criminal defendants, including, among others, the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Since the police will start to gather evidence against you from the moment you are pulled over, you must vehemently protect your rights. Anything you say can be used to prosecute the case against you, so protect your right to remain silent by not saying a word to police—even in the period of time before your rights are read out loud to you. Likewise, immediately invoke your right to an attorney so you can ensure that your rights and freedoms and protected throughout every stage of the legal process.

Felony traffic offenses fall into many categories, but the most common ones are related to alcohol and offenses dealing with serious bodily injury. Examples of felony traffic offenses include: DUI causing serious bodily injury (DUI incident that results in serious bodily injury to another person), DUI manslaughter (DUI incident that results in the death of another person), leaving the scene of an accident causing serious bodily injury or death, and reckless driving resulting in serious bodily injury or death. These types of felony traffic offense may result in harsh, life-altering consequences including significant jail time and probation as well as steep fines. A conviction can ruin your career, jeopardize your livelihood, and wreak havoc on your family and personal relationships.

Given that your rights, freedom, finances, job, and reputation in your community are all potentially on the line, the stakes are too high to try to defend yourself. As such, it is crucial to use an attorney who will vigilantly defend your rights and freedoms. Your attorney will analyze the specific facts and circumstances of your case to find any appropriate defenses, making every effort to fight your charges and help you avoid the most serious penalties for your charges.

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