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Alexis Wright the Zumba Teacher in Maine Faces a Prostitution Charge


If you have been charged with or are the subject of a prostitution investigation you need to hire a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney or a Miami criminal defense attorney immediately to help you navigate the prostitution laws in Florida.

Alexis Wright is a 29 year old Zumba instructor who lives and works in Kennebunk, Maine. As she taught her Zumba classes she developed a side line of offering prostitution services to the men in her community. Word quickly spread about the extra’s being provided in the Zumba studio. She, according to reports, was having sex with men in her one room office at the studio. She allegedly filmed the sexual acts without consent of the people she was with and kept a log of the names of the people that have used her services. Now Alexis Wright in Maine is charged with 106 counts of prostitution, violation of privacy laws, and tax evasion. The prosecution has stated that the list of people using Alexis’ service is going to be released. The effects on the defendant, her customers and their families will be devastating.

Here in South Florida, these types of charges garner the same headlines they are getting in Kennebunk, Maine. Whether you are charged with providing the sex act for money or receiving the sex act for money, you need to hire a Miami criminal defense lawyer or Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney as soon as you realize you are involved in the investigation or could be involved. While most prostitution crimes in Florida are misdemeanors and are dealt with very liberally, the right prostitution attorney could prevent you from being involved in something more serious.

I am sure that the Kennebunk community is waiting with baited breath to see whose names are going to be on the list. Once those names are released families and careers can and will be destroyed. The best time to hire a criminal defense lawyer is when you first believe you may be in trouble. These situations can often be worked out prior to arrests being made and names being released.

The clients’ criminal lawyers have appealed to the higher courts in Maine to try to stop the release of the names of the individuals involved in the scandal. Local newspapers have stated they will release the names once they get them. Rumors abound that attorneys, politicians, and even a TV personality may be involved. Regardless of the penalties handed out by the criminal justice system, to the people involved, the scorn they will face at home, work and in their communities will be much worse than anything the criminal justice system can do.

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