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Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Yale Galanter Talks Drug Possession


What do you do when faced with a drug possession charge?  Protect yourself by retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney. Drug possession laws vary according to type, amount, and area of offense. The amount that you are caught with plays a big role in what your punishment will be. Small quantities could be deemed “simple possession” while large amounts could result in a charge of “possession with intent to distribute.”

Police are often looking for certain signs that there is intent to distribute:

  • Possession of large quantities  of drugs
  • Placement of drugs in plastic bags
  • Scales are other measuring devices

If facing “possession with intent to distribute,” punishment upon conviction is usually harshest. Drug felony statutes carry a minimum mandatory sentence if the drug exceeds a certain amount. In Florida state courts the minimum sentence begins at three years. In proving intent to distribute, prosecutors have the right to present digital scales, baggies, large quantities of the drug, large amounts of cash, or allow testimony from witnesses into evidence.

If you are facing a drug possession charge, your criminal defense attorney can help with a defense. Defenses at your disposal are usually lack of evidence, lack of knowledge, or entrapment by police. The court can impose sentencing based on the severity of the case and what the individual’s previous history with the law is.

If you find yourself facing a charge of drug possession, you do not have to face this alone. Contact an experienced drug defense attorney, call Yale Galanter at (305)576-0244 or (954)524-6600, or visit